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Smart Quotes

Smart Quotes. So annoying. Easy enough to turn off in Word/LibreOffice. Here's how to do it for Notepad.

You may have turned it on accidently - Ctrl + Shift + ' (apostrophe) Activate smart quotes and do it again to turn off. This is standard behaviour of Windows' RichEdit control (used by wordpad compared to notepad's edit control).

-- Turn off Windows Smart Quotes


Blogituri Te Salutant

I'd thought blogging dead. With the rise of social media and the smart phone, who had the time or inclination to post more than 140 characters from an omnipresent handheld device? Who had the time to template and populate a personal site with what they had for breakfast when they could just post their brekkie to the world with an app?

I was wrong.


Sites & Servers & Meta, Oh My!

The righteous indignation caused by my web host provider pricing going from $40/yr to $80/yr made me wonder if I could host this site for free. Perhaps run my own little web server on an old laptop with Ubuntu. What joy, I oh so naively thought, it would be to have total control over my own server.


Groovy Digs VII

Occasionally I dream about moving back to my happy place. I try to figure out a way to make it work. Today? That means selling our little house on the stormy Oregon Coast, buying a small house or a really small house and becoming a bus driver/rail operator.

Honestly? I have no idea why I have this strong urge to move back there when this is where I currently live and this is my current gig, but dems da breaks dontchaknow.



The developer wrote applications to grind through the contents of a CD-ROM and present them with previews that wouldn’t require anything but a browser to see...In other words, vintage and historical software is back from the obfuscated darkness. Original versions of software that were thought impossible to track down just pop up in the search engine...


Olde Thyngs

Oldyr Thinges

Walidah Imarisha

Walidah Imarisha gives a phenomenal presentation on racism and white supremacy in Oregon (generalizable to the rest of America) as the keynote speaker for the 22nd Annual Northwest Public Employees Diversity Conference.

And that reality, that post traumatic stress of living with racism every day, is living in peoples' bodies and killing them and killing the next generation as well.


Be For Something

I love this. So much this. This is important. Fight *for* good things. It still gets rid of bad things and it doesn't allow for a lot of the 'least worst' that's crept into so much of our lives.

From Cory Doctorow's review of The Persuaders by Anand Giridharadas.


Beyond Here There Be Oldist Thengs

Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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