However, due to the Earth’s bulge, the summit of Chimborazo is over 2,072 meters 6,800 feet farther from the center of the Earth than Everest’s peak. That makes Chimborazo the closest point on Earth to the stars.


Town Bans Book Bans

The official resolution the town board passed Tuesday night defines the Wellington Public Library's mission "to serve and reflect every member of our community in an enlightened, democratic, and unified approach." It also stipulates the board cannot "censor, suppress, remove, monitor or place age restrictions on ideas or information in our public library..."


Beyond Here There Be Olde Thyngs

Evil Tomes: How to Circulate Your Possessed Book Collection

...or even by not allowing them to circulate at all, but all these solutions generally mean that patrons will still lose their lives, loved ones, pets, and/or souls, but now it'll happen on library property...you're municipality's lawyer would probably like to have a word with you about this...


There was a thing in England recently where they said, Libraries are on the way out, only a third of UK citizens used libraries last year. Okay, so that means more people used libraries than voted for the government that is trying to get rid of them.

That Feeling When Reading

Anyone else ever read a book and have to stop reading because you're so...what...anxious? excited? surprised? Filled with....something? Overloaded...


Beyond Here There Be Ancient Thyngs

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