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Want to get in touch? My email begins with bakiwop and I use gmail.

Bits & Bobs

I had a very short story of mine, Piggly Wiggly, read by Nuzzle House in their podcast. I am absurdly happy about this.

I was a member of the Good Taste Club.

I am the 63th FOOT.


AmazingAwesomeness is my partner. She is amazing. She is awesome. FelineFantastic is the kitty. She is feline. She is fantastic. I am less amazing, awesome, fantastic, and feline than they.

I believe that people should know how very special they are. I am a bit of an aburdist.

I am a librarian. Patron privacy, authoritative sources, and intellectual freedom are groovy. This is how I feel about being a librarian:

The librarian from the movie The Mummy declaring, while drunk, in front a a campfire, that she is a librarian. She is very excited about it.


A place to put stuff. Nifty stuff. Neat-o stuff. Groovy stuff. Stuff I've done. Stuff from other places.


Now! I did this kinda thing on and off over the years and I'm doing it again.


Just cuz, butt fuzz.


Real world-y? Our little family lives in a small, bright orange house with a lime green door on the edge of the North American continent, about 50 meters away – and 40 meters straight up – from the Pacific Ocean.

Digital world-y? Only here. I've tried social media and enjoyed it going all the way back to Friendster, Myspace, and even the old AOL of the mid to late 90s. All of it was (and is) pretty nifty. Social media allows people to, fairly easily, create and share. Creating and sharing are, I think, two of the most imporant things we can do as human beings.


All by hand, I'm afraid. Everything is done manually. I used the Bootstrap framework and the Sandstone theme from Bootswatch, added some CSS of my own and made this...mess? wonderful mess? horrible mess?...you decide. It's all done by hand in Notepad (pics in GIMP and videos hosted at the Internet Archive) which means there will be lots of mistakes...sorry about that!

Site Proclamations

Tracking & Analytics
No trackers. Go I know not whither and fetch I know not what...I'll just be over here with my eyes squeezed tight shut and my fingers in my ears singing la la la the top of my voice.

Web anaylytics bores me so mu- *yawn* - excuse me! - much and I wouldn't even *yawn* *stretch* know how...how to....to *drool* *snore* *snort* *startle awake* Huh? What?

Privacy & Confidentiality

Yes privacy. I do not collect your information. Any information. Go ahead, try and give me your information and see how quickly I don't collect it.

Yes confidentiality. The information I don't collect about you? I will share it with no one.


No ads. Yes adds. I want to add to your enjoyment of life. I want to add to your well-being. Yes bad plays on words. Yes overly cheesy sentimentality.


No cookies. <Insert dad joke about eating cookies here.>


Yes color. Lots of pretty color. I like lots of pretty color. I hope you like lots of pretty color, too.

...and all together groovy individual. Truth.

Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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