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Librarians are warrior princes and princesses wielding book love like swords! We are ever vigilant, curious, intelligent, and kind. Libraries are the banners that we carry proudly into the fray! Forward, ever forward!

Library Ebook Pricing and Controlled Digital Lending

And the publishers entirely reject the idea of controlled digital lending. Terrence at the Association of American Publishers...said, quote, "it has just about as much legal validity as the concept of dibs, which is to say none at all," end quote...


Filming in the Library

Allowing filming and photography in the library? Some quotes from ALA's Intellectual Freedom Blog...


White Supremacy

"White supremacy is a system you have been born into. Whether or not you have known it, it is a system that has granted you unearned privileges, protection, and power. It is also a system that is designed to keep you asleep and unaware of what having that privilege, protection, and power has meant for people who do not look like you..."


Overdue Podcast: Star Khan

Sometimes the conversation piece does work. There's people right on the edge that really don't understand this EDIA stuff. They really don't understand systems of oppression, white privilege, but they kind of have the idea that, yeah, maybe I do have some privilege that I didn't even know I had. There's a huge group of people like that that I'm learning. And so, they are just waiting for somebody to come and have those open conversations with them...


Cat Furniture

I have become naught but cat furniture.

White cat with head laying on my hand.


MLK: A Testament of Hope

"Why is the issue of equality still so far from solution in America, a nation that professes itself to be democratic, inventive, hospitable to new ideas, rich, productive and awesomely powerful? The problem is so tenacious because, despite its virtues and attributes, America is deeply racist and its democracy is flawed both economically and socially..."


Think of our lives and tell us your particularized world. Make up a story. Narrative is radical, creating us at the very moment it is being created. We will not blame you if your reach exceeds your grasp; if love so ignites your words they go down in flames and nothing is left but their scald.

School Librarian Fights Delusional Nincompoops

Amanda Jones, a librarian at a middle school in Denham Springs, Louisiana, filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday, arguing that Facebook pages run by Michael Lunsford and Ryan Thames falsely labeled her a pedophile...


Little Pollinator Friends

I imagine they go back to the hive and, in their little waggle dance way, tell the other bees, "Phew! Almost got caught in the rain again! Lucky I made it back to the hive before the downpour! Don't go out there!" To which I believe the other bees respond...


Nichelle Nichols

Nichols' Uhura, a fictional African communications officer on the bridge of a futuristic starship soaring through the galaxy on the original three-year run of "Star Trek" and its subsequent first series of movies, made real-life boys and girls, men and women feel like their horizons were unlimited...


There was a time when Black characters on television were servants or slaves, pimps or prostitutes or mere background characters to white stories...Uhura, a beautiful Black woman working alongside Capt. James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock and other members of the crew of the famous USS Enterprise, was none of these.

Rainbow Alphabet Jihadist

I have never been called a Rainbow Alphabet Jihadist before. Huh. It looks to me like Kyle is the originator of the phrase, based on what I can see on...


She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.

Caveat Lector

The excitement of placing a hold on a book titled "The Monster Trilogy Guidebook" turned bitter disappointment upon arrival seeing Bigfoot and Yeti counted as two separate monsters...


Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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