You are an amazing, wonderful, intelligent,...


11:43pm - the circus clowns tumbled out of their miniature car by the dozens & flopped, in their big-shoed way, toward the rodeo clown bar. time for a reckoning.

11:46pm - as the circus clowns burst through the bar's door they whistled Ennio Morricone's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" theme on their kazoos.

11:47pm - the rodeo clowns dove into barrels for cover, slowly peeking over the edges, adjusting cowboy hats & brandishing colored hankies for the onslaught.

11:48pm - seeing the rodeo clowns' hankies, the circus clowns dropped their kazoos & grabbed their own hankies from ears, noses, & mouths. it was on.

11:50pm - the rodeo clowns emerged from their barrels - with their sneakers they were confident they could outmaneuver their floppy-shoed adversaries.

11:51pm - a rodeo clown threw the 1st punch, the fist landing squishingly on a circus clown's red nose with an AOOGA! before bouncing off harmlessly.

11:53pm - another circus clown tried to make a balloon animal bull to scare the rodeo clowns with, but in haste, made a giraffe instead. big mistake.

11:54pm - a circus clown sprayed a bottle of seltzer wildly, hitting friend & foe alike; a panicked circus clown is nobody's ally (save laughter's).

11:58pm - while fighting, a rodeo clown deftly repainted a circus clown's happy face to a sad one making the circus clown slump on a bar stool & sulk.

12:01am - a circus clown hopped onto the bar's mechanical bull - the rodeo clowns couldn't help but watch. the circus clowns crept up behind them.

12:02am - a circus clown dropped & stepped on its whoopee cushion, the noise breaking the spell of the mechanical bull riding circus clown for the rodeo clowns.

12:03am - as the rodeo clowns raised their hankies to attack, the circus clown riding the mechanical bull fell off & landed on a squirting flower.

12:04am - the rodeo clowns leapt into action trying to distract the mechanical bull & save the fallen circus clown. rodeo clowns are brave, not smart.

12:05am - the circus clowns hesitated - rodeo clowns were their sworn, whiteface enemies & yet they were trying to help a fellow clown out. clown quandary.

12:08am - so the circus clowns & the rodeo clowns made peace, but as they left the bar they saw the children's party clowns lurking in the shadows.


...and all together groovy individual. Truth.

Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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