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Groovy Digs VI

I seem to be have a type: stone and brick work, wood, repurposed old thingamabob. 12 Grove St Unit 12C, Minneapolis, MN 55401 fits the type well. The description is a little hoity-toity for the likes of me, words and phrases like "Oasis in the city," "European style," "luxury living," "exclusive neighborhoods," "gravitas," and the over-exuberant use of "historic" make me feel icky cow-pooey. It sure is a nifty condo, though, and I did always want to live on Nicollet Island. When I saw they put in a "whole house dehumidifier" I remembered reading somewhere that the limestone they cut into in the living room and bedroom had little waterfalls when it rained? Maybe? Something like that? It was pretty nifty and would explain the need for the dehumidifier. To be lit by the Grain Belt Beer sign every night? Luxury.

Looks French and fancy and nifty. Row houses with style.

...and all together groovy individual. Truth.

Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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