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Little Pollinator Friends

When I get ready to water the lavender plants in our yard I give them a light misting before I start watering them properly. I do this so the bees will know a lot of water is a'comin' and they should amscray. There's usually a couple of bees that I couldn't see that get while the gettin's good. I imagine they go back to the hive and, in their little waggle dance way, tell the other bees, "Phew! Almost got caught in the rain again! Lucky I made it back to the hive before the downpour! Don't go out there!" To which I believe the other bees respond, "Rain? It's dry as a bone out there, you jamoke! Now get back to that lavender plant! The queen ain't gonna feed herself." By the time the bee comes back, I'm on to other lavender plants and the bee, slightly confused by the wet lavender plant, goes on to gather nectar.

I wonder if there are any bee conspiracy theorists, and if so, what their theories are? Some kind of inadvertent bee rain dance? Micro-climates? The great Queen In The Sky messing with them? Or are there rumors of a cruel gardener who somehow makes it seem like rain, who makes fools of unwary bees? A gardener who, perhaps, is used by bee parents to scare bee children into being good bee boys and good bee girls? And do bee conspiracy theorists wear cute little tinfoil hats?

...and all together groovy individual. Truth.

Curiosity. Tenacity. Empathy. Love.

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