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Rainbow Alphabet Jihadist

I have never been called a Rainbow Alphabet Jihadist before. Huh. It looks to me like Kyle is the originator of the phrase, based on what I can see on Facebook. Very creative.

Facebook post from Kyle Phoenix in Defiance, Ohio stating, The library in Oregon - a tax-payer supported library - has teamed up with a middle-high school to create a gender affirming closet in school. The closet offers students clothing, chest binders, makeup, and other items for trans and non-binary kids. #Groomers #StopProtectingPaedophiles #NoSexInTheClassrooms #StopSexualizingOurKids #Demonic #MolochWorshippers #RainbowAlphabetJihadists #Cultists #SpiritOfTheAge #AlwaysTellingTheTruth

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