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Saturday Librarian 02

With apologies to the writers of Malice.

It's about time I got to answer some questions here. The question is, "Do I have a Saturday librarian complex?" Which makes me wonder if this...patron...has any idea as to the kind of education one must receive to become a librarian? Or if they have the vaguest clue about how much weekend fun someone must give up to work on a Saturday? I have an MLIS from an ALA accredited school. I have been awarding summer reading prizes for over thirteen straight weeks, and I am never ever sick at sea. So I ask you: when someone walks into this library and they look around in confusion and they mumble distractedly under their breath with questions ranging from 'where's the bathroom?' to 'will my mother suffer acute neural trauma from postoperative shock?', who do you think they're mumbling to? Now you go ahead and use your Google, patron, and you look at your smart phone, and with any luck you might actually get a signal in the library. But if you're looking for the librarian, they were sitting at the reference desk on a Saturday, and they don't like being second guessed. You want to know if I have a Saturday librarian complex? Let me tell you something - I am a Saturday librarian, and this Saturday ain't over.