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T. Kingfisher

I just discovered T. Kingfisher through a recommendation. Great GoogaMooga! She can write a ton and draw to boot. So good!


That Feeling When Reading

Anyone else ever read a book and have to stop reading because you're so...what...anxious? excited? surprised? Filled with....something? Overloaded...


Caveat Lector

The excitement of placing a hold on a book titled "The Monster Trilogy Guidebook" turned bitter disappointment upon arrival seeing Bigfoot and Yeti counted as two separate monsters...

Cover of the Monster Trilogy Guidebook featuring Bigfoot, Yeti, and Loch Ness Monster.

Banned Camp

"Banned Camp is a partnership between Austin Public Library and BookPeople. We invite you to come together, engage with books that have been banned or challenged, and be part of the conversation."


Sofie's Choice

How groovy is it that author Darlene Ryan has chosen two different pen names for the two different New York Times bestselling cat mystery series she pens? She writes as...


Unicorn Cake

AmazingAwesomeness has bequeathed unto me some very tasty unicorn cakes to eat while I read Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson. Aren't I the luckiest librarian in all the land?...


Trial of Ulysses

The U.S. government tried denying James Joyce's Ulysses "admittance into the United States." The government's motion was for a decree of forfeiture and destruction. The judge read the book to determine what was what. Here's some of what he said about it.


Nanea Woods

She set up shelves inside her locker, filled them with books, posted a signup sheet and opened the whole thing to her schoolmates. “It got to be so big that I started a newsletter over the summer so girls could keep up with what I was reading,” Woods says, recalling that she used pink paper to distribute her book reviews...


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