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Overdue Podcast: Star Khan

Sometimes the conversation piece does work. There's people right on the edge that really don't understand this EDIA stuff. They really don't understand systems of oppression, white privilege, but they kind of have the idea that, yeah, maybe I do have some privilege that I didn't even know I had. There's a huge group of people like that that I'm learning. And so, they are just waiting for somebody to come and have those open conversations with them...


School Librarian Fights Delusional Nincompoops

Amanda Jones, a librarian at a middle school in Denham Springs, Louisiana, filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday, arguing that Facebook pages run by Michael Lunsford and Ryan Thames falsely labeled her a pedophile...


Intellectual Freedom and Holocaust Denial

Should books promoting Holocaust denial be included in a public library's collection? An article about a panel at the ALA conference in Washington DC from Jewish Insider covered the controversy...


Ronald McNair

As his older brother, Carl, recalls, McNair started dreaming about space in South Carolina, where he grew up. And he wanted to study science. But first, he needed to get his hands on some advanced books. And that was a problem. “When he was 9 years old, Ron, without my parents or myself knowing his whereabouts, decided to take a mile walk from our home down to the library,” Carl tells his friend Vernon Skipper...


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