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Groovy Digs VII

Occasionally I dream about moving back to my happy place. I try to figure out a way to make it work. Today? That means selling our little house on the stormy Oregon Coast, buying a small house or a really small house and becoming a bus driver/rail operator.

Honestly? I have no idea why I have this strong urge to move back there when this is where I currently live and this is my current gig, but dems da breaks dontchaknow.


Groovy Digs VI

I seem to be have a type: stone and brick work, wood, repurposed old thingamabob. 12 Grove St Unit 12C, Minneapolis, MN 55401 fits the type well. The description is a little hoity-toity...

Looks French and fancy and nifty. Row houses with style.


Groovy Digs V

I can actually afford this place! You know, if I could find a job in the Twin Cities. Maybe I should become a bus driver? That'd kinda be a cool gig. Anyways! I do not care that 297 Maiden Ln, Saint Paul, MN 55102 doesn't have a...

Blonde brick ex-boiler house property that looks like a cross between a castle and a church.


Groovy Digs IV

620 Bushaway Rd, Wayzata, MN 55391. Pretty cottage on Lake Minnetonka. Lake livin' in Minnesota. Not too big. Not too small. Just right...


Jodi Chromey

Jodi rocks. She has shared herself with the world and the world has had a lot to say (both positive and negative) back over the years. Despite the myriad and diverse feedback I'm sure she's received she still writes there and shares herself with us. Just how brave is that?...


Groovy Digs III

1617 Elliot Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404. So, so pretty...and a two-fer. Easy access to downtown. Nifty wood and brick. Too big for two adults and a cat, but somehow we'd make do.


Groovy Digs II

247 10th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415 is right by The Loft, Open Book, The Minnesota Center for Book Arts, The Guthrie Theater, and, evidently, a Sherwin-Williams lab. It's just off Washington Avenue and by the river paths. Easy access to downtown and easy enough to get out of the downtown area by bike or car...


Groovy Digs I

The brickwork, the stonework, the ironwork, the walk-up stairs to sit down on and watch the world go by and the rear staircase to sit down on and hide away from the world with a good book as the sounds of the city wash over you, all near the heart of the metropolis, and with that super nifty alley area in back...


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